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Art Exhibit: Through and Beyond the Pandemic

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Link Gallery at City Hall, Rochester, NY 14614

April 14, 2022

The exhibit is a collection of art curated by artist Mimi Lee. It includes photographs of many Filipino front line workers who served throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and the Origami Cranes for Peace Project.


1. Mayor Malik Evans presenting Proclamation to Mimi W. Lee, President af APAA (Asian Pacific Islander American Association of Greater Rochester)

2. Senator Jeremy Cooney

3. Deputy Director of Asian American Affairs Sibu Nair

4. Monroe County Commissioner of Public Health, Dr. Michael Mendoza,

5. Senator Jeremy Cooney and Jeannie Clinton pictured in front of her creation of of a Philippines inspired necklace.

6. Artist, Mimi Lee - with one of her submitted art works: Origami Cranes for Peace

Many art on display poses the questions such as "How do we use constructs like family and race to define ourselves and individuals?"

Jeannie pictured in front of photo project and necklace for the Exhibit.

Artists and community leaders of the Asian American Groups in Rochester.


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