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Asian Pacific American Heritage Celebration at the MAG

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

and FILIPINO Cultural Display and Dance at the Pittsford Community Library

May 14 & May 15, 2022

Roselie pictured with Josephine B. our Itiki-Itik Choreographer, the Itik-Itik performers, Ethel & emcee Gwen.

1. Itik Itik Dancers: Nolan, Josef, Nicolas, Lily, Angelica & Addison

2. Banga & Sto. Nino festival dance (Cebu) performers: Roselie & Ethel

Ethel C. Filipino Day Committee Chair organizer.

Volunteers for set up and take down of display: Belinda, Steve, Roselie & Bonnie.

A well deserved ice cream treat at Pittsford Dairy Farms following the performance.

Lita, Gwen, Ethel, Jo, Mar- MAG Committee Chair, Jeannie & Bonnie

Memorial Art Gallery

Nicolas,Josef, Nolan &

Angelica, Lily & Addison

Philippine Dance Company of Rochester (PDCOR)

Choreographer Merle Snow with Evan Snow

Dancers: Caryn Faith, Honeylyn, Maribeth


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